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It May Have More Than One Meaning


  • About the Topic of the Weblog:

    I will write everything I want to write. There will be no special topic in this weblog.

  • About the Links:

    You are free to attach this URL/RSS to your blogroll/Feed reader or erase this URL/RSS from your blogroll/Feed reader.

  • About the Author:

    I am just an ordinary human. Try to express my thought in this weblog.

  • About the License:

    You are free to copy or quote everything from here. Please pay tell me, at least you send pingback/trackback or insert the link. Therefore, people who read your post will know what is/are inspiring you to write both of your stupid or brilliant idea(s). Also, where it/they come(s) from.

  • About the Result after Reading:

    This weblog may give you new or old information. This weblog may also make you happy or angry. Please believe me; it is all up to you to take the further action and decide what my weblog will be. This weblog may become something that contains amusement, harassment, blasphemy or jut trash!

  • About my Stupidity:

    You may open the dictionaries or ask someone/your comrade to help you to exegesis this page if you are feeling that you are stupider than I am, where you cannot find the meaning of the page. If you are smarter than I am. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • About the Rest of the Things that Left, Unsaid and Unwritten:

    Thanks a lot for your visit and comments. Moreover, I beg your pardon for the entire mistakes, errors and uncomfortable experience that you feel after finding, reading, commenting, (debating and ranting) and (or) adoring my weblog.

  • About the Comments:

    Everyone/Anyone/Everybody/Anybody may give a single or multiple comment(s). I beg all of you to give decorous comments. However, I will try to neither erase nor modify all comments that come to my weblog and every single post; as long as I feel the actions are not important. For this page, I close the chance to all of you to give any comments.

  • About the Guest Book and Free Zone:

    I give you the chance to give any junk comments or say “Hi” here, in this post. Instead of I erase that post, maybe it is better to me to use it as some kind of guest book or place for irrelevant comments.


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